Two Reasons to Become a Learning Organization

In order to survive and thrive today, all organizations MUST become learning organizations. Why? While there are many reasons, this blog focuses on two ‘big picture’ reasons for those seriously considering converting to learning organizations.

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Building Caring Relationships With Your Students

Research says high expectations and building a sincere relationship with students is one of the keys to student achievement. As a teacher, I do believe this; however, we know it isn’t always reality. We will always encounter students who choose not to be successful, no matter how fair or caring a teacher behaves. While, we can’t change the things not in our control, we should always strive to be the best educators we can be.

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Classroom Management is Strategic

A foundational mistake many teachers make, and the cause of ineffective teaching, is the misunderstanding between classroom management and discipline. Suffice it to say, the first action of any effective teacher at the beginning of the school year is to create a climate conducive to student learning.

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