Edhaus strives to empower and educate leaders in educational institutions and schools by offering training and professional development for their staff. Educational institutions are being charged with demands at all levels, in-person and online. In addition, they are expected to keep up with new research and effective practices. Edhaus can be a support because we know professional development is a key in meeting needs of today’s increasing demands for teaching and learning. We also provide customized trainings and workshops to clients outside of educational institutes on topics related to building effective teams, management, and Diversity and inclusion (to name a few).


The name ‘Edhaus’ is derived from the Bauhaus school in Germany which was an art movement or school that was a precursor to the way we teach Kindergarten today. It valued creativity, gentleness with children and education.

Approach and Process

We know that professional development is a systemic process which includes staff from central office to building services; therefore, utilize the most effective components of professional development in our trainings, workshops, and coaching sessions. Trainings and workshops are customized to meet the need of each client. Our process involves the following steps to ensure successful delivery of our professional development:

  1. Conduct needs assessment
  2. Participate in evaluation
  3. Collect and analyze data
  4. Conduct debrief and follow-up sessions


We provide professional, balanced, and accurate insight and perspectives on a global level, having lived and worked extensively in the United States, as well as traveled in the Middle East and South Asia.

Our team consists of professionals from various backgrounds that focus on productive outcomes for the future of our global exchange of information.

EDHAUS Consulting provide outstanding services and values to our clients’ overall satisfaction and continue to pursue attractive growth opportunities.



Farhana N. Shah holds a M. Ed and several certifications in Education. Her career spans over 20 years of teaching in the classroom, leading teams, evaluating teachers, and providing staff development in the U.S. and abroad. She possesses a proven history of successfully implementing key development and growth in both education and non-education sectors.

Research and Digital Team Lead

Seema Ahmed has an Information Systems degree from Kennesaw State University.

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